Wednesday, July 9, 2008 Fantasy Football League Manager

Calling all professional fantasy football players!! Ok, so maybe it's only a dream that you could play fantasy football as a full time gig, but now you can get funny, cool professional fantasy football player t-shirts, hats, mugs and gifts to live out your real fantasy!

In other news...My league has been using's fantasy football league manager since our league's inception 8 years ago. While the site can be terribly frustrating at times (ie: the service going down 1 hour before kickoff on multiple Sundays a couple years back!) we have been generally pleased with the website and the league management tools. Plus, they take responsibility for the prior issues and issued refunds/discounts to make up for it. That is rare and appreciated in business today.

Still looking for a fantasy football site to host your league in 2008? Consider using for this fantasy season - sign up here.

What site's do you find best for FF leagues?

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