Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fantasy Football Mock Drafts on ESPN

I did a mock draft last night on the impressive ESPN Mock Draft Lobby platform. I got into a heated discussion on the chat board about the validity of LT at the 6th pick. I was basically called an idiot for admitting to desiring LT more than Michael Turner. I heard the same veteran RB argument - slow, old, young back stealing carries (Sproles), blah, blah, blah.

Here's how I see it - LT is healthy and relatively fresh (coming off a career low in carries due to nagging injuries), the Chargers are good, their division is not. LT was also more consistent than Turner last year have 10 games with at least 100 total yds or TD (to Turner's 9)...and that was while hurt. Turner caught a mere 6 passes last year. That's just a half dozen more than you and I. Not good for a premier fantasy RB. Regarding the young backups RB stealing carries. Think about this: Sproles had 61 carries and 17 catches last year. Jerious Norwood, Turner's backup, had 95 and 26. The Falcons added Tony Gonzalez and he will surely steal redzone looks from Turner. Granted, LT has a great TE on his team as well but he's been there and LT's been kinda alright over the past few years. Oh, the Falcons schedule is a lot harder this year and they will catch no one off guard, like they did in 2008.

Now, Turner is a great young back but I argue that LT is the safest pick of the top tier RBs. He won't lose goal line carries, he catches 50+ passes, his team is good and plays with the lead often. Forget that he is least forget about it this season.

I'm hoping he's there for me at 6. I'm also lusting after Steve Slaton at 15 (2nd round pick).

But I keep asking myself, Who Would Jesus Draft? Maybe Christ would go with Turner over LT.

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