Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Funny Fantasy Football Draft T-Shirts

My draft is 3 weeks away and my strategy is totally up in the air. I pick 6th in a 10 team redraft league and covet LT. (As of this morning) My dream top 2 picks are LT and Steve Slaton but I fear neither will be there for me at the 6th and 15th slots. I say up in the air because as of 2 weeks ago I was going headfirst into a WR/WR gameplan with my top 2 picks (Andre Johnson/Moss, most likely). Now, that seems like crazy talk.

I pay way too much attention to my 1st round pick every year, knowing it's the gems you find in the 4-8 rounds that matter most. Yet, here we are at the start of a new season and I'm once again stressing about who to take first. Someday I'll learn, right?

I'll be sporting my latest Fantasy Football Champ T-Shirt on draft day this year. Just rubbing my championship in their faces one last time before the new campaign begins.

Oh, and remember to Never Draft your fantasy football while drunk, trust me!

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